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Privates & Semi- Privates

Private sessions allow me to work with you on a individual basis to develop a Pilates exercise plan to meet your specific needs

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Some people value one to one coaching, with a programme tailored to their specific needs.

Often, it's a pathway back from injury or surgery to group classes. Pilates is ideally placed to support rehabilitation and is often recommended by doctors and physiotherapists. In fact, many physiotherapy exercises are similar to modern Pilates exercises.

I can develop programmes to address specific conditions, for example Scoliosis, Hypermobility, MS, Osteoporosis or prolapse. You can use these sessions to build awareness and skills to manage your specific conditions in a group class setting or as regular session focused on your specific requirements.

I have specialist training in a number of areas including Hypermobility, Scoliosis, Arthritis and various hip, spine and shoulder issues and neurological conditions such as stroke, MS and Parkinson. And as such I have a deep understanding and knowledge in these specific areas.

I also have experience working with those living with cancer, providing paced exercise programmes that offer some normality, whilst accommodating treatment side-effects.


You may also just prefer a gentler pace session or a more focused programme to improve your Pilates technique.


Private Pilates sessions allow you to achieve significant improvements.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs

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