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Pilates Class Descriptions

I offer a range of Pilates classes to suit different abilities and aspirations
I'll help you find the best one for you at this time in your Pilates journey

Diligent elderly man practicing pilates with ball in exercise room during pilates classes.

Level 2 Beginner/ Improver 

Basic matwork Pilates classes that will keep you strong & flexible. If you're joining as a beginner, I provide extra coaching in class to bring you up to speed.

Level 3 Strong Beginner/ Improver 

Basic matwork Pilates classes but stronger and faster paced for those who are looking to push themselves & embrace the finer precision needed. If you're joining as a beginner, I provide extra coaching in class to bring you up to speed.

Level 4 Intermediate

A class for experienced Pilates practitioners who can work at a faster pace, with more challenging exercises without significant supervision.

Level 1 Gentle

Gentle paced Pilates class for older clients to help maintain mobility and therefore, much valued independence, into older age. Also suitable for those who need to work at a gentler pace to aid recovery from surgery or injury.

Complete Beginner

A tailored programme to bring you from a complete novice to an improver within a 6 week period. The whole class are beginners and you all work at the same level.

Teens Pilates

A specific class for teens 12-16 years,  when the body is changing from child to adult. The classes will offer a non-competitive exercise environment, with the focus on individual physical development at a pace that suits them.

My classes focus on a whole body work-out, including strength, flexibility and balance elements with a strong focus on modern clinical Pilates. Modifications can be offered for most exercises if you have a particular issue.


As Pilates caters to so many different abilities, I've found it best to group people of similar ability rather than running mixed ability classes that you may find elsewhere. I believe this is what makes my classes special, everyone can get the best experience from their classes.

When you contact me initially, I'll take the time to understand your needs and ability before suggesting a suitable class.

 I will encourage you to progress to a more challenging class if I think you're ready. Likewise if life changes or you suffer an injury I'll help you find an alternative class.


The different classes vary in pace, level of challenge and increasing precision of pilates method.


Class sizes are small, which allows me to take the time to work on your individual issues and provide extra coaching as needed.

Have a look at my class timetable here

Get in touch to discuss which class may suit you 

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