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Sociable Pilates Macclesfield

Pilates Group Classes

I offer a range of Matwork Pilates classes at different levels so you'll be with people of similar ability allowing you to get the best out of your sessions
60 min duration

Pilates Classes in Macclesfield and Sutton

Monthly block payment, £10/ session
New clients can try first class, before booking a full block (£10)

Get in touch to discuss which class would suit you. 

Clinical Pilates Macclesfield Private Pilates

Private Pilates Sessions

These sessions allow me to work with you on a individual basis to develop a pilates exercise plan specifically to meet your requirements, whether it be rehabilitation after injury or one to one coaching to improve your pilates technique.

I have specialist knowledge in a number of areas including hypermobility, scoliosis, hip, spine and shoulder issues and neurological conditions such as stroke, MS and Parkinson.

I offer pilates sessions for one or 2 people at a time.
​Typically you would require a minimum of 4 sessions.

One person for 60min Pilates class, £38 in your home, £48 in clinic. Block bookings on request
Two people for 60min Pilates class, price on request

Please get in touch to discuss your needs

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