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Pilates for Teens

Teens doing Pilates Pike exercise
Pilates for Teens

I’ll be offering a NEW TEENS PILATES CLASS for 12-16year olds from September 2024

Pilates has many benefits for teenagers, helping to build all-over flexibility, improve core & joint strength and posture. It can also improve mental wellbeing, helping to bring calm and build confidence.

Pilates is a great exercise form in its own sense, or as a way to support other activities, minimising injury and helping teens to excel in sport or dance classes.

Pilates can help to reduce postural issues resulting from time spent doing schoolwork and using electronic devises. And can improve focus and concentration.

Pilates is recommended by physiotherapists for children with hypermobility and scoliosis, both of which I have specific training.

Pilates offers a non-competitive exercise environment, helping to build a positive relationship with exercise which can move with them into adulthood.

If you’d like to invest in your children's future, get in touch.

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