What can I expect from a class

A class will last just under 1hr and you will be taken through a set of exercises, which focus on building functional strength and flexibility. You work within your own ability and I can offer adaptions to accommodate your needs.

The classes will progress over time as your technique and strength improves.

The exercises will be performed either standing, seated or on a mat, using a combination of blocks, balls and bands.

You'll need to bring your own mat for Pilates classes and I provide any other equipment we use. Although you may want to get your own 

What should I wear

Comfortable, fitted gym wear is best, to allow freedom of movement. Looser clothing is suitable for Tai Chi sessions

If you are using my equipment socks must be worn as a courtesy to others

Physical Activity Readiness (PARQ)

Prior to attending my classes, I will ask you about any medical conditions which may affect your ability to take part in a class. This information will ensure the class is appropriate for you and allow me to adapt the exercises where possible. If you have not taken part in exercise for some time or are suffering from a medical conditions, I recommend that you check with your GP, that you are ready to take part in a pilates class. 

How do the Block Booking options work?

When you pre-pay for a block of classes, you commit to a specific class once per week.

It ensures you have a place booked on that class for the period.

Pilates requires regular practice and progression as your technique improves and you become stronger, booking a block of sessions will allow you to see the benefits of regular practice.

What if I can't make my pre-paid class

Pre-paid block bookings are non-refundable and must be used within a fixed period.  

If you can’t make your regular class , I may be able to accommodate you on one of my other sessions, if availability allows or I can provide a video class instead.

How do I pay for my classes

Payments by bank transfer is preferred, however I will accept cash by exception. No cheques accepted.