Back Care Week Oct 2020 Day 1 - Releasing the tension

Welcome to the first in the series of exercises to get you moving and developing greater flexibility through your back. #backcareweek

Our day to day activities and stresses can often create tension in our backs, which if left to build up can result in longer term back pain and injuries. Today's exercises are a gentle way to start relieving the tension and getting your back more flexible.

It's a gentle set of exercises but you'll be surprised how effective they are. Great to do if you've been sitting for long periods or you're just about to go for a run or into the garden. #keepflexible #keepmobile

You shouldn't feel any pain or increase in symptoms, although it is common to feel the odd twinge or cramp as very tight muscles release. If this happens to you, just ease off, rest for a minute and repeat the exercise building up slowly.

You undertake these exercises under your own free will. Do not exercise if you feel unwell. If you struggle to get up and down from the floor, consider using a stable chair for support.

Join me tomorrow for more stretching to get you moving and doing the things you enjoy. #spinestretches #flexibility

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