Back Care Week Day 2 - Flexion

Today we're going to do more back stretches, focusing on flexibility along the whole length of our spine. As a result from our daily activities, we all develop unhelpful movement patterns and start to develop imbalances in our muscles. Some muscles become tighter from over-use whilst the opposing muscles become weaker from inactivity. Have a look in a full length mirror and see if you have one shoulder higher than the other or a slight twist in your torso, with one shoulder or hip further forward. These muscle imbalances create stiffness and potentially injuries if unchecked.

Pilates teaches you to get to know your body, to understand where imbalances exist and how to release them. If you are new to Pilates, you may not feel this straight away but be patient, try to follow the movement cues I give and your body will start to respond over time. Try to move through the movement slowly, isolating each area.

You undertake these exercises under your own free will. Do not exercise if you feel unwell. If you struggle to get up and down from the floor, consider using a stable chair for support.

Join me tomorrow to start working on some strengthening exercises to support your back. #strongback

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