Get the Zoom App

Zoom sessions can be run on laptops, Macs, and tablets (phones are not ideal as you need to be able to see me)

You will need to download the Zoom App either from:

Once you have downloaded the App, click on the App to open and select the Free plan option– this link should take you were you need to be

You don’t need an account but it will help with security, if you set up a named account with password.

If you are struggling to get set-up I can send you a trial meeting which will prompt you through the download process.


Set up your space before a Zoom Live Session

In a live Zoom session, you will need to be able to position yourself so that you can see me on your screen and I can see you via your laptop/ tablet camera.

Ensure you have sufficient space to lie on the floor (ideally side on to the camera) and you can stretch your arms out when standing or lying. Lastly, ensure the dogs/ cats/ children/ partners won’t be able to disturb you, although we often have star guests “visiting”.


It’s a good idea to run a test to make sure you can be seen in all positions. Use your camera/ video function on your laptop/ tablet to run a trial before class. You’ll be standing and lying down on the floor during class and you can move your device to get the best view for each position if required.


Joining a Zoom Live session

Before the session I will send you an email with a meeting link (see example below). All you need to do is click on the link 5minutes before the meeting is due to start and it will take you to the Meeting Waiting Room.

Once in the Waiting Room, wait until I bring you into the meeting.


Robyn is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Pilates Trial

Time: Apr 9, 2020 14:00 London

Join Zoom Meeting  (NOTE: Link is not active).

Meeting ID: 610 181 832

I will let you into the meeting and you will be able to see and hear myself and others on the meeting.

This is a good chance to catch up with everyone …. almost like a normal class.


Once the session starts

I will talk you through your exercises and demonstrate where required as I would do in a face to face class. You will be able to watch and I’ll watch you doing the exercise.

I will be able to see everyone on my screen and will be able to provide specific feedback and corrections.

At the start of class you will hear and see other participant but once we start I will fix the screen so you can only see me.

I will have the option to mute everyone on the call if needed and then you will only hear me but you’ll be able to ask questions as we go along if needed. Everyone will hear these questions as I’ll unmute you.


Zoom Class Privacy Policy

By signing up to this class you agree to joining an online meeting with other participants. They will be able to see you at the start of class and hear you from time to time but you will not be visible to others whilst we are doing the exercises.

I will use your first name during the class to ensure you are able to get specific coaching.

The meeting settings ensure that only invited participants can join the session.

These classes will not be recorded for future use and distribution, unless I expressly ask you for permission.