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Face to Face Classes - Terms and Conditions

Class Prices

  • Class prices are £8.50/ session, booked on a monthly basis (typically 4-5 sessions/ month)

  • This cost will include free access to my on-demand videos for the month * see details below


How do the Block Payments work?

  • When you pay for a monthly booking, you commit to a specific class once per week.

  • Block payment will secure your space each week, allowing you to progress week on week.

  • Each monthly block will be invoiced on 21st of month and due for payment by 28th of month to secure a place in class

  • If you’re planning not to renew your package, I’d appreciate if you could let me know as soon as possible


What if I’m doing a 2nd class every week?

  • Your 2nd class will be offered at a reduced cost of £7.50/ sessions, subject to same conditions as first class.

What if I can't make my pre-paid class?

  • Pre-paid block bookings are non-refundable and must be used within the month specified (see Exceptions for Covid 19)

  • Unused sessions are not transferrable between individuals

  • You will obviously have the alternative option of doing a video on demand at the time that suits you.

On Demand videos

  • I will send out links to my On-demand YouTube videos each month, you can access these whenever and as many times as you like through the month.

  • Unfortunately, I’m unable to send the links to Hotmail accounts and occasionally Yahoo, btmail accounts cause problems too. If you have one of these, I’d recommend setting up a gmail account to receive your YouTube videos.

Exceptions related to Covid 19 lockdown restrictions

  • In the event of future class cancellations due to national or local lockdowns or venue closures, you will be offered access to my On Demand videos. If you prefer not to use these, outstanding classes will be held until classes re-commence.

  • Refunds will be available on request, for any outstanding balance if preferred.

  • The same will apply if I’m required to self isolate and I’m unable to teach classes.

  • In the unlikely event, that you consistently and wilfully do not comply with the measures to maintain a COVID-19 secure environment you will lose your place on the class, with immediate effect.


Starting classes mid month

  • New starters can attend their first class before committing to a monthly package (£8.50/ session)

  • If starting your package during the month, you will be charged for remaining weeks at £8.50/ session.

Class changes or cancellations

  • Macc Forest Pilates reserves the right to cancel or change class times and venues, if the class is not considered viable.

  • Every effort will be made to accommodate you in an alternative class.

  • If an alternative is not suitable, a refund will be available on request, for any outstanding balance.

How do I pay for my class?

  • Payments to be made by bank transfer to the following account. Macc Forest Pilates, Account Number: 73065160, Sort code 30-98-97.

  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions cash will only be accepted as a last resort and must be exact amount.


Price Increases

  • Prices will be reviewed annually each September

  • Macc Forest Pilates reserves the right to review prices, at other times in the event of significant changes in overhead costs



By signing up to attend a Macc Forest Pilates class:

- you are agreeing to these revised Terms and Conditions

- you accept we are unable to remove all risk

- you have read the Covid Precautions document and agree to abide by all necessary measures to keep yourself and other participants as safe as possible

- you agree to provide your contact details and accept that these will be passed to UK Track and Trace in the event of a coinciding positive COVID-19 case, unless you formally inform Macc Forest Pilates of your wishes not to have your details shared.

- you agree that your data (PARQ and contact details) will be held by Macc Forest Pilates in compliance with our Privacy Policy and used for communication purposes, unless you formally inform Macc Forest Pilates of your wishes not to have your details maintained.



Current Face to Face Classes

  • Tues 17:30 Macclesfield – Beginners NEW

  • Tues 18:45 Macclesfield – Beginners/ Improvers

  • Wed 9:15 Bollington Arts Centre – Beginners

  • Wed 10:30 Bollington Arts Centre – Improvers

  • Wed 11:45 Bollington Arts Centre – Mixed

  • Thurs 17:30 Macc Methodist Church –Improvers

  • Thurs 18:45 Macc Methodist Church – Intermediates

  • Fri 9:15 Macclesfield - Improvers/ Strong Beginners

  • Fri 10:30 Macclesfield – Beginners

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